Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What to do with too many Marshmallows!

Try some Double Hot Chocolate
8 oz steamed milk
1/2 oz white chocolate
4 chocolate Marshmallows

Por the hot milk over the white chocolate and stir. Top with froth from milk and mallows. Let it sit and the melt a bit then enjoy!

Here at the Daily Bread Bakery we have been bonkers over marshmallows for a while, but we are now introducing two new flavors along with our Christmas peppermint

Champagne and Strawberries
   -made using muscat sparkling white wine and strawberry pop rocks!
Chocolate Nugget
   -Chewy and rich these marshmallows are chocolatey enough to go in a glass of hot milk and turn it into hot cocoa!

Don't Finish It!

"Hey Elizabeth, thanks for you tip about not finishing stuff!"
"Yeah I get a lot more done when I don't finish things and just walk away."

Doesn't sound quite right dose it. Well, that's our fearless leader Alison, my mother, thanking me in all seriousness. Earlier this week I passed on a writing tip someone had given me.

"Never stop a project with a full sentence or complete thought if it's not finished. If you do you'll be much more likely to get stuck at that point and not return to the train of thought you had before."

She has interpreted this as don't finish or print the invoice if you have to walk away. Don't close the folder yet. Don't finish the thought in just about anything if it's not completely done. Surprisingly, Alison  is much more efficient by "not finishing stuff."

 So note to all: don't finish stuff and it is sure to get done!

Friday, December 10, 2010


This is just one of the many insane phrases I uttered in the kitchen yesterday. Anyone who says cooking can’t be so much fun you nearly fall on the floor from laughter has never cooked at the Daily Bread Bakery (DBB). 
It all started with a simple dish of Tortellini in Broth, a dish famous in Bologna, Italy and one of my favorite foods I ate all summer. My goal was to recreate this simple dish of little pasta pouches filed with a simple pork filling floating is a soothing broth with floating pools of fat on the surface. After making the filling one day, the pasta the next and finally the broth after that let’s just say that I had tortellini on the brain.
As the day progressed, each member of the DBB Team downed a small portion of the dish. By the time we got to the last portion of tortellini to be served, we were completely goofy from a long day. 

One baker (who will remain nameless) said something that was meant to be slightly intimidating but came out completely ridiculous. In between giggles I managed to get out, “Ohh!! That was so scary. . I tortellinied in my pans.” the laughs that followed were gut wrenching and probably echoed between the buildings outside. 

Sigh. . .I really love food. This is just another bit of proof that both food and cooking are always more than what they seem.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

We Are Getting a Makeover

Hello everyone!

This is Elizabeth Hill, Alison's daughter and I'm writing to tell you that I'm am taking over the DBB Blog and giving it a makeover.

I can't wait to give you the inside story on what happens in the kitchen here. I'm sure you've heard that the secret ingredient to everything is love . . well I think our secret ingredient is laughter.  I find myself crumpling into a mess of giggles, hardly able to breathe at some point of every day. So if you were wondering what our secret ingredient was that left you smiling after that muffin or bowl of soup, that's it :)

Keep tabs on our blog by friending us on facebook or signing up as a "follower" through the blog directly. Until next time,

Friday, April 16, 2010

The Daily Bread Bakery Blog

Welcome! And thank you for visiting our blog. If you happened to have come across this before the website, please visit!

This will be a place where our customers can share theri expereinces and we will let everyone know what is going on at The Daily Bread Bakery. Stop back often and be sure to become a subscriber of our blog!